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In our book we use “Focuses”  instead of Chapters so you do not lose Focus!

We are concerned about the extraordinary burdens of married military couples. Therefore, we are committed to donating $1 from the sale of every book to support ministries that aid these marriages. 


Who Am I (And Why Am I Here)?



Why Marry?


Transporting My Gifts (and Baggage) Into the Unity

FOCUS 4 (PART 1): 

Intimates, Roommates or Enemy Combatants? – Identifying the

Real Enemy

FOCUS 4 (PART 2): 

Intimates, Roommates or Enemy Combatants? – Allies and



Sex in Marriage: A Holy Communion


And Along Came Children


Financial Peace

FOCUS 8: A New Beginning—A New Order

Introductory Video: “Intimates, Roommates or Enemy Combatants?”

Joey & Lele Burton

Pearson and Pepper have been instrumental in our 15 years of marriage. We joined their marriage ministry as newlyweds, which was the best decision we have made in our marriage. They helped us lay a biblical foundation for our marriage through their leadership and mentorship. We continue to apply the

biblical principles they taught us in our marriage. They have been a constant

support system throughout the highs and lows of marriage. We recommend anything they create when it comes to marriage ministry.


Paul and Melissa Luckett

The first time we experienced authentic church was in the Liddells’ home

through their marriage ministry. They imparted to us the importance of mar-

riage as a ministry to demonstrate God’s love now and for future generations.

The principles they teach are essential for marriage and for every other God

ordained ministry throughout the body of Christ.


“Prioritizing communication,” “taking divorce off the table,” and “fighting to-

ward each other” are among the principles that were not just taught, but mod-

eled by the Liddells. You will not find a study for building a Christ‐centered

mar- riage from a more authentic source.

Scott & Sally Suemoto

The Liddells are marriage warriors for the Kingdom! We were blessed to have a season in their marriage ministry and it gave us new 

perspective on how a Biblical marriage should be. We learned new tools and resources that we still use today, like the 5‐second prayer and “I’m sorry. I forgive you. I love you.” A marriage is definitely better when each spouse chooses to be reconciled rather than right! By God’s grace thru the Liddells, our marriage had new life breathed into it!

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 Notes From The Editor 

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